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How Does Your "Rewire Eating" Program Compare to Judson Brewer's "Eat Right Now&q

QUESTION: I saw the Rewire Eating Habits program you are offering and wondered how it compares to - or aligns with - Judson Brewer's Eat Right Now app.


To APP or NOT to APP - Will it help?

Ah thanks! You know what’s great, is that through my putting my "REWIRE" program out there, I'm getting responses from people who want to know how what I offer compares to the diets and apps they know about or have heard of. So, on one hand, I get to learn about what is being offered out there, and it also helps me formulate how what I offer is distinctive!

So, I confess this was my first learning of the Eat Right Now app, and I just looked at it this morning (02/25/19), and from what I could see (without actually buying the app -which isn't cheap), I would say that ...... Well FIRST I'll address a few things I believe are SIMILAR - and then I will point out the DIFFERENCES - and how what I offer is UNIQUE.

So, in terms of the application of mindfulness, what I’m offering is probably extremely similar - at least in terms of how we are using mindful awareness to really hone in on the components of this issue - and, I made a few charts and graphs myself about the "rewiring" process, so we both share that kind of science. The awareness of how the thoughts & feelings create behavior is a big part of rewiring eating habits, needless to say, and it’s awfully nice & handy to have a well-designed app to support the process on a daily basis. So here I give a big bow to Mr. Brewer for a job well-done!

Now, in terms of the kind of mindfulness that is being applied, I , of course, have powerful advantage of the Unified Mindfulness System (developed by Shinzen Young), which has been used in Harvard Medical School brain studies. (And I designed & taught the mindfulness program for one of those studies.) Unified Mindfulness was also used for stress-reduction studies at Carnegie Mellon - and other studies at educational research institutions - with breakthrough results! Unified Mindfulness is a unique, rigorously-precise, scientifically-based, yet highly- flexible system that delves into all aspects of sensory experience unlike any other mindfulness system. So, I have the advantage of being an expert teacher of the Unified Mindfulness system and being able to maximize the benefits of that system. I can help people develop a new level of sensory clarity - along with the focus & acceptance that most mindfulness practices can promote.

The support community that appears to be offered in Brewer's program is also something that I’ve integrated into what I do – and something I think is absolutely essential - since research shows that social support is directly linked to success! (And to promote that even further, I’m offering a "2-for-1 BFF Special" price so that if someone does it with a friend, they only pay half – to encourage the best kind of social support.) But I also integrate a “secret” FB group (where one needs to be invited and it cannot be found through any searches)- so that participants have a safe place to share their experience - and they can dialogue and support each other as they go through the process. I am also setting it up so that it continues after the initial 6 week program ends!

And, if we're talking support, I believe the support that I'm offering - at least in this first 6-week program, is unparalleled. I am personally interacting with each participant during sessions, in live Q&A after sessions - and additional Live Office Hours where participants can talk with me directly. That amount of support is not something I will be able to do (for everyone) as future programs proceed, needless to say, but I do offer it in this initial 6 weeks because starting is the hardest part - and where support is most crucial. And I am committed to helping people really begin to feel this "New Normal." THUS, spaces are limited in our program to ensure this personalized support - that is unique.

Now, what I am not offering is an app (at least at this time, anyway.) And I have read different responses to apps - some people love them and swear by them -

and others really are trying to get away from their devices, so that having to check in with your device every t