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Director Sales Programs, Canon Medical Systems USA, Inc. | Sales
"We had a fabulous week with you.  We so appreciate the wholesome and wholehearted work you have brought to our team.  Ashely will share with you how fabulous their confidence grows day by day and wonderful feedback we have received from our customers. You ROCK !!”



Sr Manager, National Sales Programs, Canon Medical Systems USA, Inc. 

“We are so grateful for you. You have transformed professional journeys, people as individuals, and the experience of our audience. This work you have done is felt and recognized.  Thank you for all you did for our team training – all of our presenters are now more confident & effective – and the head of the company noticed.”



Director, Learning and Organization Development | Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc

“Thank you so much for all your offered on the offsite [for WB executives] last week.  I can’t thank you enough for your patience and working with us as we let what need to emerge, emerge.  We were still ‘chuckling’ into day 3 and I had many comments on how helpful the session was. Warmest regards and a big thank you!”



Senior Advisor at California Education Coalition on Health Care Reform

“Stephanie has given many “Stress Management & Well-Being” presentation workshops for us over the years.  She makes us look good.  She brings such care and commitment – and always leaves an enthusiastic, happy, and inspired audience.  We could not want more from a presentation or a presenter.  She is a delight.”


Benefits & Wellness Consultant,

“Stephanie came into Edmunds to lead meditation classes weekly for over a year, and her sessions were very appreciated.  We then invited her to come into team meetings, to guide a grounding focusing meditation for the first 10 minutes, and the productivity of those meetings was tangible.  Stephanie is quite knowledgeable, caring and professional, and we are now talking about her teaching a longer program here.”



Specialist for University Audiences at the Hammer Museum

“I absolutely loved your workshop about presentation skills. Your training impacted my personal teaching practice in profound ways and I look forward to sharing those insights with my students.”



Co-Chairman at Quigley-Simpson & Heppelwhite, Inc

“Stephanie was my personal meditation coach for 4 years when I decided I would like to bring her into my fast-paced advertising agency, where I feared everyone was driven and working too hard.  It was hard to get people to stop at attend, but when they did, the benefit was tangible.  She contributed to creating a healthier environment for my employees.”



Director of Community Services, Catholic Charities of LA

“Thank you so much Stephanie!  Today was a good day!  Can you imagine me smiling…. And yes, 3 chuckles!”


Interfaith Collaborative for Mental Health

“Thank you so much for your presentation today at the Interfaith Collaborative for Mental Health's Mindfulness Conference in Claremont, CA. Not only did interfaith leaders and mental health workers receive a good grounding in the practice, but a lot of good reasons to use it for ourselves and introduce it to others. It was a joy to work with you and to see how accomplished you are in different areas.”



Founder & Director of UCLArts & Healing

Stef Nash's skillful integration of her expertise in mindfulness practices with her vast experience as an actress makes her teaching both exceptionally engaging and insightful.  In continuous pursuit of excellence, she is truly dedicated to the art of teaching, and we are grateful to have her on our faculty.  ”

Master Mindfulness Meditation Teacher, Creator of the Unified Mindfulness System, 
Brain Researcher with Harvard, Carnegie Mellon, and University of Arizona

"Stephanie Nash has mastered the art of Mindfulness Coaching. She has a deep understanding and vast experience in this field. In addition to that, Stephanie has worked very closely with me in developing a distinctive form of mindfulness practice that is gaining Increasing usage in clinical and educational settings. Since 1998, Stephanie has not only assisted and collaborated with me, but has developed techniques of her own that work effectively with a variety of sensory experience and practical issues. I now use a way she created of working with my “Restful States” as the introductory meditation at all of my retreats. I hired Stephanie to create and teach the mindfulness program for our Harvard Brain study when I could not do it, as she was the person I trusted most to do so. I also asked her to record the meditations for the Carnegie Mellon stress reduction story, since her delivery alone would reduce stress. … Stephanie’s students and clients continue to express appreciation of her clarity, humor and skill."  


Stephanie Nash is remarkable. I have had the honor of being her client for almost 2 years. Her guidance and teaching have deepened everything for me and have led me to experience and live from a space of freedom that I never imagined. Grateful beyond words.

ALI KATZ, Meditation Teacher, 

Even as a meditation teacher I will forever be a student. Stephanie has quickly become a trusted guide, and in just a few sessions she has helped me access deeper levels of peace and stillness. Stephanie is helping me to deepen my own practice and provide me with additional skills that I can take back to my own students and share. I am grateful for being introduced to Stephanie and her work.

MITZI LEWIS, Professor

Stephanie Nash is an extraordinary teacher. It seems as if she sees inside of my head and knows what I need at a given moment and how to help me learn. She listens, asks questions, then shares relevant theory and strategies. She helps me see progress and opportunity. I am grateful for her kind, encouraging, and generous spirit.


I found Stephanie’s presentation to be very clear and comfortable to follow.I found her exercise about using some word to physically locate “talk space” helpful in assisting to remind myself that this is in fact both a small part of total experience as well as a small part of who I am. As you know, it can be easy to lose sight of this, especially for cognitively oriented folks like myself.

At the end of her workshop, Stephanie spent a few minutes talking about how the system she had presented could be helpful in deconstructing an overwhelming site/sound/feeling attack, as a way in real time of minimizing suffering. How interesting, provocative, and something that is starting to become clear.  I suspect that could, indeed, be a game changer.

JAMES VITALE, Film Producer

Let me begin from a place of gratitude. Gratitude for the time, space and energy that Stephanie gave of herself to spend the day with all of us in being our teacher, guide and friend throughout this amazing work retreat.

Throughout the day-long we were exposed to several approaches to mindful self-awareness — tuning into our breath, to our thoughts, to the physical environment around us. Stephanie spoke to us in such vivid and powerful language, helping us to understand how through mindful meditation, we can in a very real way, empower ourselves to begin working with the “wet clay of our minds” right at the moment negative thoughts are taking place, and then countering and reframing them with gentle, loving, compassionate self-awareness.

CAROL RING, Graphic Designer

Stephanie is the ultimate in a loving and flexible leader.


MATTHEW McGUIRE, Business Executive

This program was most worthwhile! After fumbling around with meditation for years, the possibility of it actually being an enjoyable practice is now real for me! Stephanie Nash, the teacher, is masterful in meditation and has a natural ability to impart her gift to students, at any level.

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A sampling from over 13K students of online courses.

Online Course Participants:

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More Reviews from Online Courses:

  • "Stephanie has this wonderful personality that seems to make everything fun to do. I find myself smiling, no matter what she guides."  


  • "I have learned practical techniques from Stephanie that I have never encountered anywhere else that I use all the time during my day.  I used to feel trapped in negative thinking, but after her course, I feel I have so many options of ways to shift out of that."


  • "This course is a game-changer.  The laughing at the end was a spark of genius - and I learned how my senses interact and how I can affect my perception & experience.  I am quite grateful."


  • I love the slow, gentle pacing; the pure quality of voice; and the artistically woven content around the theme of relaxing! LARRY:  


  • Your beautiful sense of what it is to be alive and from whence we have come gave me not only a sense of gratitude but also a sense of responsibility to what we can add not only to our experience but of that to come


  • You should know that you opened a whole new dimension re directing for me and are one of the most inspirational teachers I've ever had.


  • Stephanie steps so directly into our presence that she stays open, shining and illuminating throughout a 2 and 1/2 hour guided meditation and discussion, completely communicating from an essential fire without any hint of interpretation or self-consciousness. Mike Michaels


  • Thank you for your amazing guidance!  You are fun, funny, compassionate, psychic, poetic, and wonderfully on target.  


  • Stephanie Nash is an instructor one feels compelled to call a guide, rather than a teacher. She invites her workshop attendees to explore their own process of unfolding, their own state of consciousness, their own human journey. Demonstrating exercises that use physical movements to trigger emotional response, Nash’s work is all at once internal and external. Her brilliance is most certainly not limited to ‘actors only,’ as there is a deeply meditative and simultaneously fascinatingly playful aspect to her work that can benefit any person, whether an artist by trade or someone simply interested in learning more about their inner workings, the way in which people relate to each other and how we embody our thoughts. 

  • Nash managed to fit a diverse array of techniques and exercises into a short workshop, touching on a history of various methodologies, making complex teachings accessible to attendees in fun and insightful fashion. Her way of connecting with herself was contagious, as those attending the workshop felt immediately able to share feedback with each other throughout the duration. 

Demonstrating the power of physical movement on our internal biological chemistry as well as our surrounding environments, Nash’s work ought to be taught in every school. How priceless to learn to observe what Nash deems the ‘subtly significant’ way in which humans operate. One is limitlessly empowered upon realizing that he or she possesses the ability to release decades of negative inner thinking, to change their thoughts about themselves and influence how others perceive them in mere moments! 

  • Ultimately, the workshop was less a class and more a short course in how anyone is capable of creating peace through simple adjustments in our physical bodies. Utterly, divinely fantastic and immensely recommended to all!

  • I loved it all! Bodywork. The room was tense before the session and loose after. Having the instructor show me on my body how to improve my posture into a more powerful and present one. I love the emphasis on the importance of breath. I know it took a lot of time, but the Alexander demos were wonderful. Feeling it was powerful in of itself but bearing witness to that power on others in our group was truly magical. I feel more alive and that my eyes are more open. I love the looseness and the playful feeling in my shoulders rather than anxiety.


  • Stephanie was a wonderful speaker.  She made me feel motivated.  I don't think she has to change or improve her teaching or discussion


  • Really useful. The attention and sensitivity beginning to develop with this practice I’ll integrate into my personal practice. I’ll definitely return. Thank you!


  • A great course in accessing relief on self-judgment. Wish it was taught in high school and much earlier in life. Great job Stephanie. Thank you. Thank you 


  • What a wonderful workshop, so informative and inspiring. Stephanie is a kind and supportive coach, and I can’t wait to be part of the next one 


  • Without a doubt, the most insightful class I’ve ever encountered on any meditation app. I highly recommend this for being so wonderfully easeful and highly actionable. I will be repeating this for years to come. Also, it’s worth noting that the teacher is a skilled actor, and the delivery and production value are the best I’ve experienced.


  • I really adore how actionable and soothing your guidance is for finding ease and equanimity. Thank You so much for this wonderful practice!


  • It was such a calming experience, I learned that even small things like breathing (which is very underrated) can be that magical.

"There is nothing more rewarding than helping people change their relationship to that voice in their head - and to discover an always available clarity & happiness that can fuel their creativity, productivity, and fulfillment."

Stephanie Nash


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