Shinzen Young asked Steph to give a dharma talk at a recent retreat where she was co-teaching with him.  This is that talk.

"Cultivating Health, Well-Being, Joy & Compassion While in Solitude"

(VIDEO and AUDIO and TRANSCRIPTS available.)

Stephanie was interviewed on Saturday, April 18 by and she shared how the body can affect the mind, and mindfulness techniques & strategies

to help us optimize our current Covid-19 situation. 


Stephanie Nash was asked by a non-profit to be interviewed for a special 1-minute video that they would offer on their site to help people on the topic of "breathe."

The Unified Mindfulness System is based on tuning into the 3 "primary colors" of our sensory experience - what we See, Hear, and Feel.

A journalist came to a mindfulness retreat:

Steph leading a day-long retreat called "Mindful Presence"

Meditation on Body Sensations & Relaxation

(an oldie but a goodie)

A White Woman on the Red Road

A one-woman show about a true-story Native American Vision Quest - where Stephanie spent 4 days with no food or water, no tent or fire, in total solitude on a mountain - confined to a 6x6 ft. space.

It's a comedy.


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