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It is in private sessions with Stephanie, that she has the opportunity to hone into to your specific personal needs & goals. Her goal is to design meditations that fit your needs, interests, proclivities, schedule and goals. She often calls what she does in this regard, “Designer Meditation.”


This is also where Steph's work as an Integrative Counselor also comes into play. Her goal is not only to design great, doable meditations for you that help you develop the mindfulness skills of ease, focus and clarity, but that you also learn how to apply mindfulness skills in a practical way to your day to day life – so that you develop a “mindfulness tool-kit” that you can use in any situation.  Challenges become easier to navigate, and the goal, both personally & professionally, is to increase performance, productivity and creativity - all with more ease and less stress -  increasing your success and satisfaction in each day.


Moving the commitment beyond one or more private sessions to creating a complete program with a longer commitment is where the deepest transformation takes place.  Stephanie will guide & monitor your progress, creating a program specifically for you.  There is also more accountability & support when committing to a program.  Typically this is a 3-12 month commitment.  Ask about packages for this.


  • All sessions are recorded (audio) with any guided meditations on separate (mp4/mp3) files so they can be used for daily practice support.  You will be given a Dropbox folder that will house all recordings from your sessions - with your having the option to download or listen from there.
  • All sessions are held on Zoom during the pandemic with few exceptions.
  • Optional offer, for before your first session, to send an email with any history or description of circumstances or goals that you'd like to address (to free up more session time for our work.)
  • I am available between sessions if questions arise, and I answer all emails.  Sometimes there is a shift for a client a few days after a session, or employing a new technique, and it can be quite effective & efficient to have access to the teacher at such time.  
  • Payment is to my nonprofit and you will be given a 502(c)(3) tax donation receipt at the end of the year. 
  • I accept PayPal, Venmo, Zelle, and checks.  Larger packages have greater discounts.

Whatever issues or challenges you are working with, this is the opportunity to see how mindfulness - along with the strategies, techniques, & tools that Stephanie has developed - can help move you through these issues with more ease and grace while developing skills that enhance performance, creativity, and well-being.



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