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Share with Me your Challenges with Over-Eating, Emotional-Eating, or "Holiday Eating."

Do you know what it’s like to have eaten too much? With the holidays here, we will all be facing this to some extent – but for many of us, this is an ongoing issue that’s simply made worse during the holidays. I’m excited to start sharing over the next challenging few weeks, some fun, but powerful mindfulness strategies I’ve developed that have proven to address compulsive and emotional eating, frustration with weight-loss diets, and other unhealthy food and eating behaviors that so many of us share. I myself was challenged, and, at first, beaten by food and my own eating & weight issues. During the many years I struggled with it, I slowly came up with strategies and techniques – and then, when I learned and started teaching mindfulness almost 20 years ago, I recognized the “missing link” and soon I was teaching mindfulness approaches to food & eating – as well as speaking about it to health organizations, on the local radio, for podcasts & other shows. I’ve had many students, clients & friends encouraging me to share what I have been doing & teaching to help others on a bigger scale. I’m really close to wrapping up this long-requested training, but before I do, I’d like to ask you a favor… While I’ve gathered some great ideas from working with this personally for over 3 decades, and professionally for 2 decades, I’d also like to hear what your issues, concerns or frustrations with eating are so that I can make sure I address them in this upcoming training series. For each of you who tells me about your personal situation, there are usually a hundred others or more with a similar, or even the same issue. So by letting me know, you’d be helping others too. Would you be willing to help me help you or others, or maybe both? I truly care about knowing what your food struggles are, and how I might make these tips and training more powerful for you. What would you most like to see get addressed? My goal is to share what I know in the most effective & helpful way possible, and so, again, I truly appreciate your feedback, suggestions and/or comments about what would be of interest to you.

For example,

  • Would you like to increase your ability to taste & appreciate your favorite (or any) foods? Or feel more satisfied after eating?

  • Would you like to know how to address compulsive or strong urges to eat faster or more than you intended – or more than you know you should?

  • Would you like to do less “emotional eating”? Feel less guilt around eating?

  • Do you have a “trigger” food that always makes you go “unconscious”?

  • Have you tried to lose weight . . . unsuccessfully? Maybe tried different diets but always gain back the weight you lost (if you lost any)?

  • Would you like to experience the feeling of having a healthy & happy relationship to food (and your body)?

If any of these resonate with you — or if you can think of anything else that you’d like to see get addressed, I would SO appreciate your feedback or comments. You can simply respond below. Thank you so much. I am very inspired to create this for our community, and by getting as much input from others as I can, I hope to make this program all the more effective for addressing these oh-so-challenging issues that so many of us share. Thank you so much & Happy Holidays!

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