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Inviting Fluidity of Being

A Special Retreat

February 7-11, 2024

Lovingly Sponsored by Tucson Community Meditation Center [TCMC]

Stephanie Nash

I am so excited and inspired by the 2 women I asked to make this journey with me.  Everyone was always open, and it was a Lesson in Fluidity - really hearing, caring, and enjoying - or at least that was my experience.  I'm tickled pink at the result that you get to experience.


Thank you for taking the time to attend this retreat, and I hope you got good stuff you didn't even know you wanted. 


May you be well - and Stay Fluid, My Friends.  Stay Fluid.

About Steph

Stephanie Nash is a mindfulness coach, body language expert, and speaker, and has worked closely with master teacher Shinzen Young for over 25 years.


Steph designed & taught a mindfulness training for a Harvard brain study (using Shinzen's system) and she gives presentations on using mindfulness & optimal body language for stress reduction & anxiety relief - and for increasing performance & productivity.


Steph offers private sessions, as well as corporate programs and incorporates her work with how the body affects thoughts & feelings into her teaching. 


Steph also teaches presentation skills and is a working professional actress (who you have undoubtedly seen at some point on TV or in commercials.)  And she has a seriously cute puppy who is also a great source of laughter, for which she is eternally grateful.

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I’ve had so much fun co-creating this retreat with Stephanie & Campbell, an honor and a delight. Our collaboration brings to life a dream I carry of meditation igniting our aliveness, giving us the buoyancy to tackle collective challenges and replenish ourselves and our circles of community.


I long for each of you in this retreat to taste how simple meditative practices vibrantly infuse your everyday life and connections.

Bonnie Colby

About Bonnie

Bonnie Colby, meditation teacher & Professor, University of Arizona


Bonnie became fascinated with effective nervous system interventions through decades of work with cross-cultural environmental conflicts. She has taught meditation classes, workshops, retreats and small groups for over 22 years -- emphasizing “on-the-spot” practices that deepen our vitality, mitigate stress and enhance resilience.


In her university research and teaching, Dr. Colby focuses on neuro-behavior in tackling environmental problems. She has provided invited testimony to many indigenous councils, courts and the U.S. Congress. Bonnie has a background in restorative movement, is a Mental Health First Aid Instructor and is certified in Dr. Porge’s Safe & Sound Protocol. She is a trauma-informed meditation teacher, with training from the Institute of Applied Meditation, Unified Mindfulness and other organizations. Bonnie lives in Tucson with her husband Ted.

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Campbell Miller

What a gift it is to connect with fellow practitioners! Creating this retreat container with Stephanie and Bonnie has been an adventure in embodying fluidity, allowing new ideas to flow into being. 


Thank *you* for joining in to create this retreat community to practice presence and playfulness together.


May you learn new ways to move through life with ease and delight!

About Campbell

Campbell Miller is an Embodied Mindfulness coach, she is inspired by Unified Mindfulness, trauma-informed yoga, somatic movement, and 20 years of teaching dance internationally, and her personal journey through anxiety and concussion recovery.


She studied Computer Science and Dance at Stanford University, served as faculty at The University of Texas at Austin, and currently teaches coach training programs at Unified Mindfulness.


Campbell empowers private clients with skills to navigate healing, strengthen resilience, and explore personal growth through meditation, movement, and self-care practices.


Her mission is to help you come home to your body and enjoy more freedom and flow in your life.

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Thank you for participating in this retreat with us. 

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